an unintentional map of the world

Good morning, or afternoon I guess, depending on how your evening unfolded.

I've been in the studio for a few hours now, and have painted outlines on four new canvases. This is one of them:

Over the Christmas holidays I procured two books of poetry: Blue Horses by Mary Oliver and The Burning Daylight by Christine Fellows. The latter also happened to come with a CD of new music by Christine Fellows. The set was created during a residency she did in the Yukon not too long ago. Of course, winter and northern themes tend to by my favorite so I decided to paint a lovely winter scene from a photo I took of one of the spruces in my backyard, not too long after we got a huge dump of snow back in November.  This is an outline of the snow against the dark branches, but when I stood back from it, it looked to me like an unintentional map of the world.

Not our world, but a world.