And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

"Gershwin thinks it's bathtime" pen & watercolor on paper

The show at Mandolin Books & Coffee comes down today, the art store is moved and making itself quite comfy in it's new digs, and once again there is time to spend consistently in the studio. Phew. That was a looooooong week, but a good week. It's snowing softly outside and I have tea....the dryer is chugging out a nice rhythm...the furnace kicked on....and there is a blank canvas that has been sitting on my easel for about 2 weeks now. It's just staring at me...blindingly white. I have something I want to paint on it, but I've been wrestling in my head with HOW it should be painted on there...but last nite while I was sleeping...the image finally clicked.

I'm ready to tackle the canvas AND I have tomorrow off. Oh goodie!

The other nite I came home and was a bit tired and chilly because of it, so after supper I ran a hot bath. My dog Gershwin LOVES water, until he gets cold...and then he loves the hair dryer. Which is good because it makes bathing him myself easy and even enjoyable....but if we go camping somewhere with water, it's pretty much a given that he is going in. He's like a little kid, he enjoys it so much. Right, so I ran a hot bath....was getting some scotch and my book, and from the kitchen I saw my pumpkin colored dog looking forlornly in the bubbly tub. I quietly grabbed the camera and took this shot. When he was younger, he would have jumped in uninvited...but now he just looks at you with sad sad brown eyes, and likes your shoulder, knee and any nearby bubbles while you read in the tub. It's quite cute, but then I am a sucker for my dog.