and now for something completely different!

I've decided to start a new series of paintings. Forget the tree show. I would like to paint a series of large canvases all one color...but each canvas a different color. Very simple. Very visually appealing. Very geometric. Mixed media trees were sooo...yesterday. Blocks of's where it's at, or at least where I am at. TADA! (complete with super-arty instragram type photo representation!)


This is just the lovely basecoat for the second tree painting. It's teal, and soon to have a lovely gold iridescent glaze put over top so it shimmers in daylight. Did I have you going there for a minute? No? I come across pieces like those a fair bit when I visit galleries. I admit, I don't understand what is going on with them. Some of them have nice color arrangements, but when I read the artist statements...well, frankly I am baffled. And the wordier the explanation becomes, the more baffled and less likely I am to finish reading the statement. I got thinking about this whole thing this morning at 3am. I was wide awake and a bit too warm, and instead of tossing and turning, I decided to begin the next in the tree series. The subject matter of this painting is very simple, but it's going to look very striking on this 24" x 30" canvas. Normally I mix some kind of color, but I had teal stuck in my head when I look at the photo that I am using as a reference for this work and decided to apply the color directly from the tube....or, little pot in this case.

And then I ran out. And got tired. And it was 3:30am at that point so I went back to bed and chuckled at the thought of this blog and having people read the first few sentences and think "WTF?".

21 days until Newfoundland. I broke down and bought myself and really NICE set of pan watercolors....with an ENTIRE empty row, so I can add more colors! Gosh, it's like Christmas today! Christmas...but with a lawn in dire need of mowing.

This is me now getting to mowing that lawn...