, mu-nuh (or: oh....this is YOU?)

(I'm a bit sleepy....and spelling this word was a comical challenge for my brain today. Thank goodness I had a nap BEFORE I wrote this. Sigh.) Anonymity. It's been coming up a lot lately. In the cafes where I display my paintings (Transcend Garneau and Transcend Jasper Ave, in Edmonton), I have business cards so people can contact me, but no bio and no picture anywhere in the cafe. I've thought about putting one up, but I figure the business cards have the website address on them, and people can have a look there, read the blog and get to know me that way. That, and I like seeing people's HONEST reaction to a painting. On occasion I've overheard conversations where people talk about the significance of some things present in my work. (ie hymnal pages, ink splotches....certain images). People don't feel obligated to say nice things about the work. They don't know I'm the artist, and most times are pleasantly surprised when I start striking up a conversation with them when I see them taking a long look at the business card I've taped to the wall beside the painting. (Well.....mostly they are pleasantly surprised....except for that one lady a few weeks back who PICKED at the corner of a birch panel piece WITH HER FINGERNAIL trying to determine what media I had used. She was irked that I asked her to 'please not pick at the paintings'. Some people's grown adult children.)

I've begun to follow (on twitter) and collect the pieces of some Edmonton street artist's. We've interacted a bit on twitter and it's been really fun. I have no idea who they are, and the fact that myself and most of their fans and followers have no idea who they are is half the fun I think. I hope one day to meet a few of them in person and have a beer or something. Maybe they aren't down with that. Maybe they are. Either way, I'm loving their work, and in the doesn't matter who they are. I just love what they do.

That being said, I am proud of my work and I will gladly take credit for it. And speaking of which, here is one I finished last night:

I posted the outline with just the paper patchwork in the sky a few posts back....and hadn't worked on it since that post. It felt good to finish it finally. Now onto commissions and art walk prep (from here on in known as 'hoarding of little animal paintings'. This silly series is taking over my creative life! Not that I'm complaining, but I had two more awesome ideas that I hope to get done in time for art walk...and some paintings from my New Brunswick trip.).

So. Much. To paint.