another sunny summer afternoon

The last place I lived in in Red Deer was rad. I lived in the Waskasoo area as a kid and was so sad when we moved through there. When I got older I used to park my car and go running through the Waskasoo and Woodlea areas thinking to myself; "before I leave Red Deer...I am going to live in this neighborhood!" And that actually happened.

I loved living in Waskasoo. I was so close to all my favorite running trails, a mere walk from 1 of my 2 jobs at the time and very much within stumbling distance of my favorite cafe, lounge and grocery store. I barely drove little car except to leave town. I walked and rode my bike(s) 95% of the time. My new neighborhood is situated in a very similar fashion...and now that I am within walking and leisurely cycling distance of the legislative grounds, well...summer just got exponentially better!







These are the two sketches I did in the shade of lovely elm trees at the base of the hill of the Legislature Building....opposite side of the building from the fountain where the kids play (and I use the term 'kids' loosely!). The drawing to the right is the open space where people were reading, sunning and playing frisbee. The drawing to the left is from directly behind me. All I could see was the dome of the building...the rest was obscured by trees. I'm considering these my warm up to my trip this Sunday.

Currently it's raining sideways. I just finished and posted "as the crow flies" in the gallery and on my FB fanpage. Here on the site it's in the '2011 works' if you want to check out the finished painting. The first layer of acrylic wash is currently drying on the 'sister' canvas to this one, and I'm planning some little Edmonton High Level Bridge trolley car paintings too...just in time for Whyte Ave Art Walk.

Speaking of Whyte Ave Art Walk (July 15-17), you ARE coming to it, right? RIGHT?! Me and 350+ of Edmonton's finest visual artists will be there. Well go on...write it down and stick it on your fridge, plug those dates into your phone...put this info wherever you need to put it so you don't forget!