Are you finished with that?

"bare bones" acrylic on ink, 12" x 18"

I'm gearing up to head to Southern AB for the Christmas holidays...for friends, food and family! I was thinking maybe I would take a break from the one-a-days, my acrylics being a wee bit bulky to lug down there and set up for 10 days. Plus, who knows how much time there will be to paint between visiting, eating, dog-walking and other shenanigans. I have decided though, to bring my watercolors. I haven't worked with them in a bit, and they don't take up much I'll still be at it...painting and blogging!

This painting is not finished, but I wanted to get the outline done so I don't forget what I wanted to these are the bare bones. I like to see what paintings and drawings look like before they are finished. Sketch books are fascinating...because they are full of the bare bones of ideas! My current count of full sketchbooks is 5. It's nice to revisit, and get new inspiration from them...or shudder and see that I have indeed progressed in my skills.

The first few one-a-day paintings on this blog...are not what was ORIGINALLY on the canvases. I painted over OLD stuff that I didn't like. True story. Sometimes paintings turn out right the first time, but about nine times out of's never how I had envisioned it. It's either better...or simply different...or sometimes it's just embarrassing as heck...and you quickly paint over it and start again. Even so....I still learned something.This painting won't be finished until I get back from Christmas I leave you with it's bare bones, as I go and pack.

Oh yea....and the opening for my landscape show is tonite at the Kerry Wood Nature Center from 5-7pm. That is a pretty super-fantastic start to the holidays I think!