Art & fact

I just found out today I get to draw artifacts for one of the professors at the U of A! Sweet! LOVE artifact drawing.

"building abstract #18: Alec Arms Hotel (Lethbridge, AB) mixed media on canvas, 14" x 18" $315

Well the weekend zoomed by with out a backward glance, and now I'm enjoying MY weekend...being my second consecutive day off in a row today. I just finished the two paintings I started yesterday and posted them...and they both happen to be very red. Huh. That was no intentional, but none the less they are finished and posted on here. Above is one of them. For those of you who live in Lethbridge, or have visited the downtown area and know of the fabulous Penny Coffee House (oddly, ANOTHER cafe that I currently have artwork in for show and sale. Coincidence?) then you probably know exactly where this hotel is. Right across the street from the Penny. I don't think it's  a hotel anymore...I'm pretty sure the main floor is business space and the upper floors are private apartments. That would be a sweet flat to live in...historic AND newly renovated! Huzzah! Oh historical are so much more awesome than the cookie-cutter type stuff we tend to put up now. I'm determined that when I go down to Lethbridge for Christmas (in less than two weeks now!!) that I'm going to park downtown and wander through the historical houses many fabulous older homes that people have fixed up and given their own loving touches paint, new decorations and the trees. So many great old trees making a lovely canopy over the roads. Those will be lovely Christmas walks indeed! (And will translate into lovely winter paintings with houses!)

Naked canvas count in the studio is now down to 5 and unless I have some stellar epiphany for the show in January, that should just about do it and then I can begin on some more painterly pieces for the show in February and get back into my sketchbook and play with my watercolors....and finish reading the Harry Potter series, which I am currently reading for the first time.

Can you tell I don't get out too much?