at all hours

I should be sleeping, but instead I am booking the hostel for our Quebec trip and wondering which colors I should add to my traveling paint set since I have an entirely empty row just waiting for whatever I want to put in there. Some ochre? Some purples maybe.....a new green? Something spring like. More reds! Will it be spring there, or will old man Winter be fighting bitterly to stay committed far to late in his seasonal game? (Much like the Oilers and Canucks....too little, too late friends.) I wish I has stuck with my french. I am a little embarrassed to be going on this trip with VERY LITTLE french speaking at my disposal. I will remedy this in the next year or two. I will.

I was waiting at the chiropractor's office yesterday for him to correct my road trip/painting-at-the-work-table forward slump and I got an idea for another girl in the hymnal dress painting:

The only paper available to me at that moment....was the back of his business card. I hope he doesn't mind. There are no 20" x 20" canvases in the studious little flat, which is probably a good thing.

I should go to bed.