at the mercy of your friends

It's nice being friends with other artists. We inspire each other, we motivate each's a bit of a mutual admiration society. We also....use each other as creative experiments. Yep. Me especially....meaning I use MY friends as creative experiments. Or practice rather. And not my friends specifically....but goofy photos OF them. You know the ones....the silly ones posted on facebook. From that camping trip you got tagged in and got caught making that stupid face? Yea. That one.

This is a sketch I did of my friend Lizzy....kind of in the hopes she would use it for her blog of awesomeness. It's from one of her photos on facebook.....and no, it's not an embarrassing one. Not all the photos I choose to practice drawing portraits on are embarrassing ones. The reason I like drawing the sillier photos is because they are harder, especially to make it still look like the person. While I'm not pushing for realism, I do what the drawing to resemble the subject.

The title of Lizzy's blog is "feed the long neck", thus.....the longer neck.

Oh how I love playing with my pens.

I really should get started on my Christmas postcards. And presents. And deciding what art supplies I am taking with me to BC over Christmas holidays. Watercolors, yes. Pencil crayons? Maybe. Pastels? Too wet. Acrylics?'s not they won't dry too fast.

Beware the pictures you post of yourself on facebook if you have artistic friends. Inspiration lurks EVERY. WHERE.