Attack from the North!

Hey, it's been a while. A looooooong while. I guess the server that this site was on was smoldering...quite literally. Then of course, summer happened. Traveled to BC to the Queen Charlotte Islands, toured Southern Alberta and saw some cool archeology sites, took in some festivals...painted like mad, and now it's fall and here we are!

For those of you interested, I now have a Facebook fan page that I am also updating on a regular basis. But now that my site is up and running, you can check here too!

So September 4th was the opening of my show "A Visit to Haida Gwaii" at the Velvet Olive in Red Deer. It's on until the end of September, so stop by, have a pint and check out the new work.

Currently I'm residing in Edmonton, getting ready to head to New Brunswick again in the fall, and working on my 4th show of the year that goes up in December at the Kerry Wood Nature Center in Red Deer. I'm working on infiltrating the Edmonton arts scene...but one thing at a time! There is also work for sale and display in the Lethbridge area...where I spent the summer. Check the exhibits page for those locals!

Hope you have been creating, or dusting off those projects to resume them this fall!

Take care of your brushes,