awkward family photos

I'm not a huge fan of having my photo taken. It's not that I don't like how I look...I just get really awkward in front of a camera if I know my picture is going to be taken. The whole 'act natural' thing doesn't work either. Act natural? What....goofy and loud with a high expressive face and a right eyebrow that apparently raises on it's own without conscious effort? (Or so I've had pointed out to me on numerous occasions by one particular individual....and upon reading this they will know who they are....) I am a fan of looking at photos. Moments forever frozen in time, hipstamatic-ed, polaroid-ed, photoshop-ed or just captured on real grainy film....there to view (and be made fun of) at your leisure. Studio time today was aimed at capturing such moments. With animals. In suits.

Why not?

So what we have here is a fox, a raven, a slouchy black beer, a squirrel ready to pounce and a deer...or buck, rather. It's hard to tell from the size of this photo, but I have given the bear and the raven very Don Cherry-esque suits of bits of patterned paper. The other animals either have patterned shirts or ties cut to fit them. All that's left to do is the inking. They are already spoken for....a commission of sorts. They were so much fun to do though, I think there will be more random animals in suits. And ever so slowly....I am becoming addicted to painting on birch panel. I feel bad about fully covering up the lovely wood grain...thus, so far, I have left the bulk of the paneling naked in the piece.

This is what I worked on today. Tomorrow? Things to put in the mail!

I hope you are staying warm and out of mischief...for the most part. I'll post the finished versions (so you can see the detail) tomorrow when they are...well, finished. Until then....goodnight!