Back and forth....back and forth...

"the joyride" mixed media on canvas, 5" x 7" $40

I saw a girl on her cruiser bike with her dog running beside the other day...and I was immensely jealous. Karma-my fabulous purple with gold paisley cruiser bike...complete with wicker basket-is tucked away in our basement collecting dust. She's down there because we don't have a garage and I don't want her leather seat to crack or for her to rust. She's lovely, and she was a present to myself a few summers ago for selling lots of paintings. I ride her proudly...and I over-use the dorky sounding bell. (And I don't care!) I look at her and sigh when I'm in the basement sorting laundry. "Soon Karma, soon...."

I love riding bikes. I have two of them. I have my stellar green, Canadian made Davinci hybrid bike, and Karma. Karma is heavy and not overly practical for long distances, but she sure is pretty. The green one is my all purpose around town speedy bike. I wish I were braver and more hardcore about riding my bike. I see people riding their bikes in the winter and it's awesome that they do that...but no, I am not one of them. So I wait for spring to break out the bikes and ride around. I think my absolute favorites are riding in the rain in summer, and riding at nite. Nite-time riding is nice in residential areas. The streets are quiet, well lit, and for some reason....riding at nite makes me feel like I'm going faster. I don't know what it is...maybe it's because objects are already blurred because of the fading light, but riding at nite is almost like flying. It seems to take no effort to glide really fast down the street on my bike! That is why I dig this little painting. The person is just meandering on their bike...for the sheer joy of it.

Making these pieces has been kind of like that. I'm adding bits of paper, painting a bit, drawing a bit...just making it up as I go. I have kind of an idea of what I want the finished work to look like...but mostly I'm just starting on these and then seeing what happens. Just for the sheer joy in it. Happy Sunday.