Beer and Eyre don't rhyme

I had some valuable English lessons the other day over wonderful east Indian food. I learned that you shouldn't start a sentence with 'and' and however should be preceded by a semicolon followed by a common if you are using it as a conjunction. Comma sprinkling in a sentence is not favorable. Maybe it's not my first language after all....or at the very least not in written form. There is no picture on the blog today because I'm writing it from a laptop that isn't mine. It's not stolen, it's my future-father-in-law's. As I conjure up today's entry; he, (my future father-in-law) is cooking us another delicious dinner. There has been no digging yet as Gabriel just received word today that he got the permit he was needing....but I've a sneaking suspicion that we head back to the mountains tomorrow.

Oh gee....darn. Back to the mountains? Do we HAVE TO?

Yes please.

Today I had our friend's ranch house to myself. The guys went fishing (because we didn't know we had gotten the permit to start the archeology dig we were initially there to do.) and because I haven't waders to get to cool sketching spots on the other side of the river, Gershwin and I stayed behind and occupied the deck....and kept an eye on the glorious scenery while I read and sketched. When they got back from fishing we headed back to Lethbridge and the scenery along the way was absolutely breath-taking. I've been on that highway a few times now, but not in high summer when the hills are so green and all the hay has been bundled. There are scant but super bright patches of wild blue flowers dotting the hillsides, along with the frosty green low bushes of wild sage, mixed with bright purple thistle flowers and wild rose. It's a very large, very unkempt and so lovely. It made me very anxious to stop the car and take photos and get back in the studio to paint them....but I have so much stuff that I want to paint already! But it's a good thing my photo archive is growing....the ideas perpetuate themselves. That is the one critique I received at Art Walk from a number of patrons. They wanted to know if I had prairie scenes...and if I had ones any bigger than what I brought with me to Art Walk.

What was I thinking? A severe lack of prairie scenes....honestly!

But there is not a lack of sketching or poetry as of late...and I'm excited to share both! Tomorrow....we dig.

And now I have started a debate on sentence structure between Gabriel and his Dad. And I just started two sentences with and. I do that sometimes....and it hasn't killed anyone or stopped the sale of a painting so far.