Before they were paintings

outline for "Chief Mountain" acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24"

I'm back in the studio...everything is back to normal. Yesterday was a looooooooong day. Gershwin and I left Lethbridge yesterday at 8am, and got very distracted by taking pictures of old trucks and grain elevators along the way. I've been wanting pictures of these things for...oh...about a year now, and I finally had both my camera and the time to stop and capture them they way I wanted to! Hooray for a camera full of goodies! By the time that was all said and done, we got into Edmonton at 2 (oops...missed class!) and then there was work at 4 until 9:30...and then there were dishes...and then sleep.

Today was far better in the realm of creativity. I've returned to the Southern Alberta landscapes...but in non-specific weather. This is what they look like before they get 'colored in'. I like using the dark background for landscapes, especially winter ones. This is from a lovely photo taken of Chief Mountain, early morning around Christmas eve. There are long streaks of early morning sun along the tops of the trees and on the ground in some of the open areas. Very wonderful to paint...and makes me miss it terribly...but then you knew that already.

Gershwin is positively beside himself with anticipation for a we had better go before he turns inside out. I hope you have super-fantastic plans for your Friday evening. I'll post the dressing on the bare bones of this work tomorrow when I'm finished.