better out than in

Do you ever get those weird bursts of energy, where you just need to shake your entire body, or you get that odd shiver that runs up and down your spine? Or have you witnessed your dog just start tearing around the yard without being chased, or seen them start chasing their tail at top speed one way, only to pause momentarily and then counter it by chasing their tail just as fast in the opposite direction? I witnessed a similar thing last night having dinner with my family. My little niece and nephew, my nephew especially demonstrates this ability, probably because he's getting close to four. He can go from being relatively calm and coherent, and then suddenly he turns into a tiny crazy person, running around, flailing every available body part in the air as he tears through the house in one direction and then another, miraculously not taking himself out with a wall or a chair or an unsuspecting standing adult (usually). Just as fast as these spells can come on, they stop, and he'll calmly begin playing again or telling someone a story in his limited, but extremely expressive vocabulary.  

I have a sketchbook for just such a thing. Not for running around like a crazy person from a standstill, but for those kind of creative energy bursts; when you just need to make marks and smash colours together for no real reason other than need.  

I started the morning drawing in my 'regular' sketchbook, the one that contains drawings that actually look like things, but then I wanted to make another drawing in the same theme, but just the marks and colours. 


It started with a glance outside of my kitchen window while I was making tea. The deep blue wash all over everything as the sun crept up looked really neat, and the tree shape peeking over the roof of the house across the alley way looked like a good thing to draw. Then I took my tea and headed to the living room, and the trees in the front yard framed by the awning, curtains and bright snowy patch of the front lawn across the street looked like another good thing to draw.


I'm trying to mix more media in my sketches. The backyard one has some nice blue pencil crayon marks in the sky, and I used my grey scale markers in the front yard drawing to establish the trunks, branches and distant trees.

Then I got thinking about Robin and my visit to the Ice Castle over at Hawrelak Park on Sunday.  


And when one sketch is a good time, two is obviously a damn party! 


Of course, once the party gets started, you wanna keep the good times rolling. Since I was enjoying this theme, I suddenly got a hankering merely to focus on the textures and colours of the myriad of icicles that make up the ice castle. The bellies of the structure are a deep blue. I thought only water from glaciers in mountains lakes and glacier fed rivers close to their source could be that colour! Nope. Happily that is not the case. 


This drawing so far is comprised of acrylic paint and chalk pastel. I'm not sure if it's finished yet, but I am digging its depth and texture. I've come to the conclusion that I really prefer my drawings to look like things, but I do have a good time just letting loose and making marks, stacking them on top of each other and seeing how the different media react and relate to each other. It's my version of art therapy I guess.

Better out and on paper than keeping all that nervous, frenetic mark-making energy in. It's liable to curl the heck outta your hair or something.