biggar and better! (and 91 days.......& counting)

...until I pack my pack and a duffle bag ful of camping gear, get on a plane and fly back to the east coast. When I say back I mean for another visit. This will be my 5th or 6th trip out there? Something like that. And yes, it's a bit early to start a countdown to plane boarding that doesn't take place until June 30, but it's APRIL ALREADY! It doesn't really feel like and it definitely does not look like it, but the calendar on my Mac Book says that it's so. And it knows. Thank goodness. At least something around here does.

If you've been following along on Instagram (or even checking back here, because my IG feed streams on here in the Blog and About tabs on this site) you've seen bits and pieces of the things I'm working on in the studio, and that we've been having fun road tripping a bit to the southern parts of the province. Back in January I headed east with some friends to see Del Barber play at the Majestic Theatre in Biggar, Saskatchewan. I had fun taking photos the few days I was there and I painted one of my favorites:

welcome to biggar saskatchewan, mixed media on canvas, 36x36(in), $1620

welcome to biggar saskatchewan, mixed media on canvas, 36x36(in), $1620

There is just something I love about alley ways and small towns. Or alley ways in small towns. Or alley ways, anywhere....and small towns wherever I happen to be....

You get the idea.

Exciting news:

I will be displaying a few paintings in Fort McLeod in June. I will share the details on this as soon as I know them myself.

My artisan vendor application for Artswells 2014 was accepted, and so I shall be diligently working away at the wee table and easel in the studious little flat, amassing many new works to sell and show during Whyte Avenue Artwalk (July 11-13) and Artswells (August 2-5). It's going to be a very full and amazing summer!

I also registered for a 10K trail run in Fort McLeod that takes place May Long Weekend. I sense many drives between Edmonton and Calgary/Fort McLeod/Crowsnest Pass area in my immediate future. Just can't get enough of that wonderful landscape.

And of course, knitting like a fiend because it's great and I love making things.

Spring is coming. It's just being real cool about it. I'm trying to be cool too, but that's been an on-going project since '81 and so far, no luck. Sigh.