Birdfeeder: 1, chickadees: 0

Wow...Wednesday. Really? I didn't think it had been that long. Not all has been quiet on the creative front, that is for sure. Friday I hung the landscape paintings at the Prairie Institute in Hub Mall at the U of A, and they were received very well! People had lots of positive things to say....and I think a few of them are being considered for purchase....just maybe. The donation for Earth Day is finished and has been posted on the home page of this site, and now I'm mulling about ideas for one-a-days in the letter series, a portrait commission and some additional pieces for "Re:cycled Threads" in Lethbridge. So between all that, training at Transcend, hanging out with friends, and training for the half marathon May long weekend...the days feel really short. But then, today IS only Sunday...and it is turning out to be a day of rest. I've been in the studio a little bit (and that is why there is no picture today...I figure you didn't need a reminder about the spring cleaning that is waiting in YOUR house too.), but just to tidy the work table, blog, and remove stupid spammer comments from my blog. *sigh*...don't those spammers have anything ELSE today besides push their odd erectile dysfunction drugs? Jeepers.

The chickadees are so close to finding the feeder. I've gone so far as to put seed out on the fence just underneath it...kind of like a bread crumbs trail. I hope they find it soon! I would really like to get some pictures so I can paint them. C'mon little chickadees....come one round two of coffee!

Happy Sunday.