bison turds!

I just dipped my camera strap in my homemade guacamole and just 20 minutes before that, I accidentally set my white bottle of ink on the EDGE of my work table. I caught it....and splashed opaque white ink on the red wall, work table leg and hardwood floor of the studio. It's cleaned up, it's fine...there's no trace of the hazard-that-is-me in the studio today. So now as I sit to write this, the ink bottles are on the drawing table, with lids securely fastened...and out of arms reach so that I don't randomly flail an arm and knock them over reaching for my beer that I'm sipping while I eat my lunch and blog. Some days, you know? Rented limbs. I don't know if it's the new year or the fact that I bombard peeps and friends on facebook with my new work almost daily...but I've been getting a fair number of lovely emails from fans and buyers sharing their stories and complimenting me on my work. It's been so sweet, and it means a lot to if you are reading this, and you are one of those, thank you again!

The comments have been neat. It's nice to see people getting inspired to start drawing or creating again, or sharing what they've already done...and have been to shy to share with others. That's what it's about, making art (as far as I'm concerned). It's basically saying; "here is the world, the way I see it/think about it." It's not complicated. It doesn't need some long-winded, convoluted and somewhat circular explanation. I like how Emily Carr said it best in her writing;

"Why use a big word, when a little word will do."

I don't think you need to put words to the reason you like a painting. You can just like it, just because. Same thing with painting. I think most artists (that I like and are dead) would be rolling in their graves if they read some of the things written about their work...and why they used certain colors, or painted the trees a certain way....or made the people's heads bigger in a street scene, or whatever. Maybe they were just trying something new, or it was an accident and they finished painting and thought, "screw it! I like it that way. I'm leaving it." Or me, they find it funny to over hear the 'deeper meanings' interpreted into their work from other observers. Something about teeenage angst, broken hearts....maybe sometimes, but not always. Most likely deadlines, lack of sleep...maybe a hangover? Most likely....just because they could.

One of the comments I think is really funny, depending on delivery, is "this work really speaks to me". If it's not sincere in nature, my immediate thought is if paintings are speaking to you....I am curious to know what kind of conversations you have in the morning with your rice krispies.

This is one of 3 things I'm working on in the studio today. I know...I said no posting, but it's a commission so it's already spoken for. This is Frida, or will be a mixed media portrait of the mexican artist Frida Kahlo. I'm painting it because that is what they asked for. I used patterned paper in it because it's one of the things I like to incorporate into my mixed media paintings. I'll be using bright, obnoxious color because the customer wants it to match the interior of his establishment. I will use ink because I like to draw on my pieces sometimes.

And down the road...if you see this painting somewhere and there is a long, convoluted, long-winded write up about how Frida was my idol and I was trying to emulate her, you'll know from reading this that it's just *bison turds!

(*or rather bullshit, but I try to keep the language clean on here! Happy Monday to you.)