bodies in the grass

I find sometimes that life moves at a pace that makes me feel like I can't ever really relax. There is always some new project I'm conjuring up, something cool I want to be involved in, random changes in the cafe, a race I want to train for....a road trip I want to take. There just seems to be this constant degree of I'm poised and ready to go whenever. But then there are days like today. Days when you begin your day with a loose plan like checking out a new exhibit at the Alberta Art Gallery with a friend, only to stumble on an outdoor art festival instead. The music lures you outside into the sun where you stroll amongst the tents that house the works of local artists and after a time your tummy guides your feet over to the food venders and then over to the grass shaded by lovely trees right in the heart of downtown. Local art. Outdoor lunch. Spectacular visit. Planning. Scheming. It was the perfect lazy summer afternoon....and I still have grass in my hair and tucked into the rolled up cuffs of my jeans. I was totally relaxed.

Then I went home and painted....just a bit. I didn't get very far on this painting mostly due to the lingering afternoon lazies.

layer #1 & #2 for "as the crow flies"

mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20"

There will be another painting along the same vein to go with this one. Same color scheme and similar theme....and if I remember correctly, I think I even have the same size canvas for it. I got some good ideas for this and the next one while lying in the grass under the canopy of elm trees in Churchill Square, listening to the live musicians and day dreaming about up coming trips. Speaking of which....I leave to visit Toronto and Ottawa this Sunday! Man that came up quick. National Gallery here I come...among many other shenanigans (or so I've been told). Sketchbook and camera will be at the ready.

Hooray for summer adventures big and small!