brake tuning (and unrelated diagrams)

August 7. How the in the Sam-hell did it get here so fast? And why is it still so friggin' hot? 30 degrees? EVERY DAY? I'm avoiding the studio at the moment because the sun is shining RIGHT in the window and I'll start dripping on my work. Not from the effort or concentration. From the heat. Thankfully August means the downhill slide toward fall and winter. Sweaters (not sweating). Stews. Soups. Slippers. Alright, enough whining about the weather. Toronto was great, and I've two more small trips planned before the summer is out. The Robson Valley Music festival in the middle of this month, and the wedding of my sister-in-law in Jasper at the end of the month. Mountains. Trees. Lots of time outside and hiking. I'm stoked. No more big cities for me for a bit.

My trip to Toronto last month was great. Trips are funny. In the comfort of your own home you make all these plans in your mind of what you might do when you get there....or, like I try to be in the habit of doing, leave it open for whatever. I find that with each trip, especially if it's a return visit, I get braver. I pay more attention. I'm less timid and more likely to go off the beaten path. This trip to Toronto was a bit of both. I had some great evening walks with my Aunt in some awesome parks and neighborhoods. I took my time and made it through ALL the exhibits in the AGO. Even did some sketching in the gallery; had coffee AND dessert, and bought some books (finally) on watercolor technique and color theory. I left feeling like I got to know my little parts of Toronto a little better, and of course....wanting more.

Here are the sketches from my trip:

For all my complaining of the heat, I am enjoying the summer. I'm not taking on any new projects for August and September. I'm taking some time to work on my own things, ride my bike, purge some things from my house, read some books and hide in my back yard with my dogs. Initially I was thinking it would be a sabbatical from painting....but that thought stressed me right out.

There are already projects beginning to line up for the end of September, which is very exciting.....but it's also nice to not have anything immediate to get to. This month I have a 3 of my large tree paintings in a group show in Red Deer at the Harris-Warke Gallery in the back of Sunworks in Red Deer, and also a solo show of my work at the downtown Transcend (Jasper Ave) here in Edmonton. At the end of September, I'm hanging some of my works in the Camrose Public Library for a month or two....and then I have at least one show for sure booked for next year, but I'm getting WAY ahead of myself. It is after all only August.

Let's get off our computers and go and enjoy it.