business as usual

First day back at the cafe after my trip. Oh how I missed slinging coffee, chatting with regulars, giving my co-workers a hard time.....the little things. After work I picked up some things I had taken to be framed (for my 'friend' art I'm just deciding where that wall's gonna be in the studious little flat) and then right into the studio. I finished this piece off, and I am so stoked about it!

"the dandies"

mixed media on birch panel, 16" x 20"


The green suit on the goat has gold pin striping on it, and the buck's jacket is made of bits of lovely patterned paper. The moose's suit has interference it's got a bit of a shimmer to it. When I put the finishing touches on it and signed my name (little JB on the bottom right hand corner) I had many alternative titles for it. "Business as usual", "this business of hunting", "rutting season begins", "the suited ones".....but in the end, I liked "the dandies" the best.

This is the last animal piece I will be posting until Whyte Ave Artwalk. Yes, I'll be hoarding, and yes, the pieces will be of ALL sizes and yes, there will be animals in plaid, and suits, and maybe plaid suits....with captions, without captions and just very, very silly overall.

Now it's time for soup. I love late dinners.