by paint & postage

I should be in bed. It's almost 11pm, but no...I'm sitting at my work table looking at some unfinished paintings and thinking about what to do with them next. This is what comes of going for a run at 7 in the evening. Silly endorphins. I need to go to bed! Tomorrow I am putting something in the mail. It's destination is London, and I'm pretty excited about that. I LOVE mailing things, especially long distance. This is only the 2nd time I've mailed something to Europe. Earlier this year I sent a postcard to Vienna. It made it there in 6 days! I'm not sure how long it will take this postcard to reach my friend in London, but no matter. As long as it gets to her. I wish there was a tiny camera I could mail with it so I can see all the stops it has to make before it gets to her. Boat? Air? Postman? Postwoman? Will the last leg of the journey be by lorry? Train? On foot? Bicycle maybe? It's kind of neat to think about.

I've talked about my friend Elyse before. She is a wonderful photographer who moved to London from Calgary a few months ago. I'm not so technologically savvy that I have an iphone or anything....but I do love seeing her pictures on twitter via intstagram. This one popped up not too long ago, and I just HAD to paint it. I have a thing for the color red....and her swirling red skirt was just too tempting to paint....and so I did. Her favorite hashtag when talking about her adventures in London is #25inlondon, so I thought it apt to label the postcard as such. I miss her face, even though I didn't get to see it all that often, being a 3 hr drive north of Calgary.....but there was always the option of stopping in if I was heading south. I had hoped to visit her this fall, but now I am aiming for the spring. Spring in London? Sure! Then my hashtag with be #32inlondon, as my 32nd birthday will be January 18th.

(this is from a photo someone took of her and posted on instagram. i'm not sure if it was with her iphone, or someone else's.)

Celebrating a bit of a belated birthday with my first ever venture across the pond? That's something I can work toward for the next two seasons. In the meantime, I can send love the best way I know how. By paint and postage.

Thinking of you my friend!