by request (sort of)

If I could have any job in the world, I would want Stuart McLean's job. Who wouldn't? Go back and forth across the country and share stories with people and explore new places. Yes please! What small Canadian town has that man not visited? It's dangerous for me to catch up on Vinyl Cafe podcasts. He gets introduced, greets the audience and then launches into some unique history of whatever place his show is being recorded in. I take mental notes. Radio podcasts are altogether too dangerous for someone with an affinity for visiting bits of Canada to listen to. The list of places I've been to grows, as does the list of places I have yet to visit. If I'm trying to emulate anyone, I guess it would be him. Except I want to visit all the places, draw when I'm there, take lots of photos and then share my paintings (along with the stories) of my adventures. I don't think Stuart paints. I'm 'one up' him on that front, maybe?

I've only painted one picture of Montreal. It was for a commission. I get asked quite a bit if I have any more paintings of Montreal and I don't, because I haven't been there. Yet. Yesterday I checked out ticket prices because there was a seat sale, and I heard about a photography exhibit at the Musée des Beaux-Arts that I would like to see on an CBC Ideas podcast on my way home from Toronto on Monday....and then I just thought I'd run the idea past my friend who usually takes the dogs for me when I go away on such adventures, to see if she would be able to take them for the dates I was thinking of....and all the dots just connected far too easily.

So I'm going to Montreal in May for a few days. Holy crap! There will be photos and there will be paintings afterward!

This is obviously not an image from Montreal. This is a piece I'm working on for my show at the Artery that goes up in just over a week. It's of Peggy's Cove, from my first trip there last summer with my friend Jen. I also had a winter scene in mind to start this week, but it seems kind of silly in light of the gorgeous weather we've been having.

I've painted stranger things at stranger times.