Caffeine and inspiration

t-shirt design: drawing of the Technivorm Moccamaster kbt 741 original drawing was ink on paper

For me the two don't necessarily go hand in hand, but yes, I do LOVE my coffee and tea. Currently I am working on a fresh cup of tea as I emptied the pot I made that accompanied the brunch that I also made. I'm hoping there will be time for painting pictures of canoes. Depends on how many bones I draw this afternoon. They are going surprisingly quick! It helps that they don't require a lot of detail.

Ok, I'll get to the shirt.

I try not to post personal photos on here too much. I want this site and blog to be about the drawings and paintings and adventures that happen because of them and to create them. This is no exception though. My boss at the cafe asked me to draw a Technivorm for him, which is a coffee pot we sell at Transcend. (He asked for me to draw it by it's manufacturing number actually, and I responded I would love to draw it for him...only I had no idea what a T7B something something was. See? I'm not THAT big of a coffee enthusiast...or at least, not of the brewing equipment!) He just said he wanted to make t-shirts with the drawing on it and buttons. What he didn't tell me is that he was taking said t-shirts to the Cup Tasters Championship in Toronto this weekend, and they were giving them away as prizes and such. Well holy crap! Being that my boss is a swell guy, I asked if I could have a copy of the shirt and he gave me one...and it turned out so AWESOME! My signature is on there, bottom right, like normal...but now I'm kinda wishing I would have written my name also and my website. Oh well. It's pretty cool to have one of your drawings make it onto a shirt. Even if it's a coffee pot.

I'm going tea is getting cold and the bones aren't drawing themselves. Happy weekend!