canvas migrational patterns

It's happening again. The studio is migrating ever so slowly into the living room. Some of the canvases are too large to leave lying around so their layers can dry.

This is how it goes: the studio gets filled with blank canvas in preparation for shows....then pretty soon the studio is full of paintings....and then it's emptied out again as the paintings are loaded and hung in various shows. Then I look around in the empty studio and wonder for a brief moment what I've done with all my time.....then the plotting of new work begins and the cycle starts again and inevitably the studio extends to the kitchen and living room as the pieces reach various stages of completion. My husband just shakes his head. The dogs tread gently and respectfully around the canvases and I keep painting. At least the bulk of them are no longer blank. The studio was beginning to look like I was redecorating it with various sizes of white rectangles.

No more painting today. Tonight we play in the garden. Those weeds have had it!