catherine hill

December! Commissions are done and out of the studio. We have a relaxed balsam fir sitting neatly in it's stand in the corner of the living room by the picture window just waiting to be decorated. It's -40 out and the Bearded Dude is home and cooking dinner in the kitchen. And me? My cute butt is planted firmly on the couch watching people drive in this city's notoriously erratic 'holy-crap-it's-winter-and-there-are-no-lanes-now-or-traffic-laws' type fashion, wrapped in my favorite sweater and thinking about what to paint next. My Friday night is off to a good start. Later there will be cigars. Cigars! I'm in the mood to celebrate! I finished this piece last night and it's already sold. This one was a real labor of love. I was flooded with so many lovely memories of my time in Frome while I painted this. It's amazing how the memories are so vivid still in some respects; and patchy and fading in others. I can look at my photos still and remember how hot it was, what the air smelled like, what the places sounded like and where I was headed to when I took the photo. The names of some of the places and shops are escaping me already, if I haven't written them down. And the colors of rarely do justice to the color or atmosphere of a place. Not completely, at any rate. It's our small attempt to capture something and hold onto it. It's the participation in this process; of capturing moments on film, file, canvas, paper; that I love. It's infuriating and daunting and exciting and a myriad of other emotions and verbs rolled into the moment. I'm really happy with how this painting of Catherine Hill turned out. It's one of the lovely, steeply sloped streets in Frome where I had the privilege of spending a week in the summer. It's lined with cute little shops including Marmalade yarns where I bought some lovely local wool for my first knitting project, and Millie Moon; a great little haberdashery store that was unfortunately out of wooden buttons at the time.


'Catherine Hill (frome, somerset UK)'

mixed media on canvas, 36" x 36"


I just finished this painting last night, hung it in the cafe this morning and it's already sold. Sometimes these things just go so quick. Blink and you nearly miss it.

Now to start on the small pile of little birch panels that have been sitting in the studio untouched for weeks. I have ideas for them. They will be adorable.

That's it for now; that's all I've been working on this week. I didn't get to break in my new circular needles last weekend because I need to procure a cabling needle for this pattern. Oh, unpreparedness! I begin my new knitting project tomorrow night, with the aid of beer and my friend Lizzie. Sometime this weekend there will be tree decorating and the purchase of my first pair of ice skates since I was 12! So many things.

Happy Friday.