christmas cards of 2018

When I was a kid and got busy drawing, sometimes I would create a narrative in my head as I was making the drawing. Occasionally I would tell the story of the drawing out loud as I was drawing. Oh yea, I was that kid. The one drawing and talking audibly to themselves. I’ve since learned to keep the narration as my inner monologue, especially when out drawing in a public place. The story that forms can help inspire the drawing or series of drawings I’m working on. This was the case with this year’s Christmas card designs. I wanted to make the theme cats because last year it was dogs, but what about cats? Since anthropomorphizing animals seems to be my jam, I got thinking about things I like and dislike about Christmas.

Christmas parties.

Not all Christmas parties, mind you. I’ve worked for a lot of small businesses over the years and the Christmas parties have been pretty great. Good food, excellent beverages, games, dressing up, visiting with co-workers you may not get to see all the time. But then there are those moments that get captured on camera, shared on social media and giggled about for years afterward. ‘Remember that time that ________ came dressed up as ______ at the Christmas Party?! OMG!!

So I created 5 different characters in my head and on paper to capture and celebrate these awkward festive moments.

The overly happy and photogenic Santa.


We all know that one; the one who looks amazing in anything, is always smiling and is super happy all the time. The one that can be mid sentence and flash the most dazzling smile for a quick photo without missing a beat in their damn story. The one with the perfect teeth and fantastic hair? Yea. That one.

Then we have Santa’s not-so-happy little helper.


You know the one; agrees to help even though he really isn’t into parties and rarely makes appearances at these things…and then gets roped into wearing the damn outfit and probably have to be someone’s designated driver or stay after the party and help clean up the mess he didn’t want to be there making. Also isn’t a fan of the camera but is photographed because he’s there and looks so cute. Poor dude.

Next; the front-camera-selfie failure.


Maybe she grabbed your phone by accident, or someone else’s phone. Maybe she’s been drinking or multitasking and suddenly there is that digital shutter sound ‘kachunk!’ and, oh. Dang. Now there is a derpy photo of her with many unknown chins and silly set of fuzzy antlers on her head staring at you. Sigh.

My personal favorite; the cookie-licker!


’If I lick it, it’s mine!’ is definitely a rule I’ve loosely thrown about in my own life. Maybe it’s because I’m an only child and am not good with sharing at times, or maybe because I’ve had friends take a ‘bite’ of something only to scarf half the thing they were merely trying, or perhaps because I have some friends who are germ-o-phobes and it’s just fun to lick the cookie they just took or the rim of the glass they are drinking from just to see their face. Sometimes it works for staking your claim on baked goods or beverage containers, and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, I still find the concept funny.

Lastly we have the dreaded mistletoe.


People watching at a party can be fun. There he is, off in the corner, sipping quietly and contentedly watching the holiday shenanigans from a safe distance. Then there is a gentle tap on his shoulder. He looks around and the shoulder-tapper points up. Dammit!


The cards are now available for purchase. I sent off some to Bluerock Gallery today, and some will be available at Sweet Jolie in Edmonton for their holiday event on November 30th. I’m still waiting to see if Transcend Coffee will be carrying them again at the Ritchie and Garneau cafes. I should know about that next week sometime. Otherwise you can purchase them from me in my new Etsy shop, which I set up for such a purpose. The cards are blank inside with my logo and website on the back and they each come brown craft paper envelopes. The physical venues will be selling the cards individually but I am selling them in sets of 5 in my Etsy shop.

That’s all for meow.