christmas in august!! (with a celebratory 'whut-whuuuuuut!')

This is what comes of me working with particular person's in the cafe. THAT kind of language in a blog title. I'm sorry I subjected you to that. Things that sound like 'whut-whuuuuut' don't come from my mouth very often. Neither do the accompanying motions (little hand push-ups overhead). Both things did however occur after I visited the art store today. I'm a little ashamed of myself.


Top left in the yellow container: rice paste for gluing bits of paper onto watercolor paper. Top right: bits of lovely paper for gluing onto things. Bottom left and just off to the right: 4 new LINEN covered watercolor sketchbooks in varying sizes and dimensions. On top of sketchbooks: a small pot of water soluble graphite. For real! Sketching with graphite and a brush on watercolor paper! My hands are shaking slightly with excitement as I type this.....I am not even joking a little.

Travel sketchbook #4 has only 2 more pages in it and then? And THEN.

So guess what I'm doing tonight?