chuck taylor and the end of the nagging to-do list

I bought new chucks today. As in 'Chuck Taylors'....or converse high top sneakers for those of you not up with the 'lingo'. Now...I will admit, I have a bit of a problem. I own several pairs of chucks now, in a variety of amazing colors. These ones are a neat dusty rose. I only buy them when something cool or somewhat significant happens in my life. Today it was for finishing the last few items on a list of to-do that has plagued me since the beginning of May. I finished the last of the items on the list this morning. I saw their lovely pink dustiness on my errand wandering yesterday and even refrained from trying them on. Until today. I now have a small palette of colors going on in my collection or chucks. I never once said on this blog that I was cool. Not once.

One of the things on my to do list was to draw a picture of the Transcend Argyll Cafe. I drew one of the Garneau cafe shortly after it opened last summer, and then I drew one of the Jasper ave cafe back in March or hey, why not draw the mothership of my workplace?

This is where all the Transcend coffee shenanigans began...and where they continue to happen. I for one would LOVE to see this on a t-shirt...but then I am a big fan of cool t-shirts and chuck taylors and coffee and eating and drinking delicious things. I pitched the t-shirt idea to my maybe? I mean...if you live in Edmonton and you frequent Transcend, wouldn't YOU be interested in purchasing a shirt with your favorite Transcend cafe on it?

If so...I think  you should leave a comment. Or a post on my facebook fanpage wall. Or a post on the Transcend Coffee facebook wall.

Three cheers for rad new chucks, crossing off things on your to-do list, and shamless self promotion via the internet. Hip-hip...hooray! Hip-hip...