come what May

And what came last night was snow. Not much. Just a skiff. Just enough to make me put socks on when we went out. Just enough to make me really look forward to hot yoga sometime later today. It kiboshed my plans to work on the flower bed in the back yard located by the house. Instead, I'm warm inside the studio working on these pieces:

The piece in the foreground is a photo I took while wandering the main tourist street in Playa Del Carmen. I love the flying white shirts suspended in the air like angels and all the colorful textiles and other trinkets on the ground below. The piece behind is the 2nd version of the Walterdale Bridge just waiting for me to add the next paper layer. Both pieces are 30x30 (in).

A new bit of news; near the end of this month I will be dropping off some pieces to be displayed in the Mercantile of the Rosebud Theatre over the summer. I'm not entirely sure what I'm bringing there yet, but as I begin posting the new work in the 2014 gallery of this site, I will be sure to mark the location of what piece is where, if I display it out of the city. This new site is fancy like that.

That's it. Adventures today so far have all been indoor and studio related. My next adventure includes golden retriever bathing. Thank goodness Gershwin likes his baths.

Happy Sunday!