"For the birds" acrylic & ink on canvas, 8" x 10" $80

I'm not sure if you have noticed...but the comments link on here is off, and this is because this site has been hit by spammers in the past...and I don't like having to delete that stuff. (I'm lazy like that!) However, my email works perfectly if you have comments on this blog, my work, or stories you would like to share with me....please feel free to email me, and put "blog" or "one-a-day" in the subject heading. It would be neat to hear what you think!

Ok, "for the birds" an experiment. I have this project that I am trying to flesh out. I want to get some of my drawings or paintings...along with some of my poetry published in a little "chap" I'm experimenting with imagery. Obviously I'm stuck on images layered over top of words...and the words are mostly just ramblings. Sometimes they have to do with the subject...and sometimes not. Mostly I'm just having fun experimenting and am enjoying the results. I hope you are too.

I need some breakfast now...