Conspiracy theories (and practices)

I believe in conspiracies. I have been involved in a few of them too. Not strange government, religious or political conspiracies. I don't suffer from paranoia or multiple personality disorder. I believe in CREATIVE conspiracies....or rather conspiring with others in a creative way to bring about big smiles and stellar moments. This also happens to coincide with my great love of making people cry. No it's true...I genuinely like making people cry.I got to do both!

"from Carolyn's photos: doorways of Montreal and Ottawa" mixed media on canvas, 12" x 16" SOLD

This is a lovely story of a friend of a friend, or an aunt of a friend. Her name is Carolyn and she lives in Manitoba. Carolyn LOVES to take photos, and she takes super-fantastic photos of her various travels around Canada....lovely photos around her home, of her family. Carolyn also happens to like my artwork, and we became friends on facebook because of that. Now Carolyn happens to be good friends with my friend Ron, (Chez Ron who owns the presidential suite I love to stay at in Maycroft....stay with me!) and if I remember correctly they used to teach together back when Ron lived in Manitoba and was a teacher. Ron has bought a few of my paintings and is a wonderful source of word-of-mouth advertising. Ron also delights in making people cry and planning intricate surprises. (More reasons we get along so well.) Ron asked if he could commission me to paint one of Carolyn's photos so he could mail the painting to her school and surprise her with it. I said of course, and went through her facebook albums and fell in love with the photo I did the above painting from. It's from Carolyn's album called "doorways of Montreal and Ottawa" so I'm not sure if this photo/painting is from Montreal or Ottawa. No matter. I painted it, gave it to Ron when we went to visit him for the Maycroft Ball and then he proceeded to make plans with teachers in Manitoba that mean a lot to Carolyn...retired and not, to get in on it for transportation to her and delivery. I've heard snippets of how it went down on delivery day...but there was crying, and difficulty forming sentences, but Carolyn has her painting hanging in her house and apparently has been beaming for days. I know this because of the thank you note she sent me, the lovely thank you her daughter gave me and the fact that she and Ron gave me permission to post this story.

I for one am glad it's over and she has the painting. Honestly....I was so happy with how it turned have NO idea how hard it was to NOT POST THIS ANYWHERE and wreck the surprise. Conspiracies sure do test ones ability to keep quiet on the internet. Jeepers! Anyhow...I didn't wreck the surprise...the painting made it to Manitoba and now the conspiracy is out.

I can't tell you if another one is in the works or not. Christmas IS coming so please don't ask.