conversation starters

I just got home from my trip to Saint John, New Brunswick last night. I had a fantastic time. The weather was glorious. The company, outstanding. The new friends, hilarious. The beer, local and delicious. And the place....oh the place. Homey, gritty, colorful and every bit the east coast I love going back to. Here are the sketches from the trip: You can't read all the notes....but I photographed the sketches because I don't have a scanner, and I've no keystoning-fixer-app-thingy on my aperture program. My apologies.

King's Square. A park with a lovely gazebo/fountain in the middle. Park was established in 1785.

The kitchen (from the living room) of Jen & Breadcrumbs Mcc. (Where I stayed in Saint John.)

Scheherazade. A lovely used bookstore in Saint John.

The Loyalist Graveyard. A lovely park with huge trees, a fountain, flowerbeds and old gravestones, right in the middle of uptown.

New River Beach. Home to sun, sand and sand flies that will make you bleed if you weren't smart enough to bring bug spray. I wasn't. The welts from the bites came two days later. The terrible itching, the day after that.

New River Beach again. A grassy embankment nestled atop the sand.

The Caves in St. Martin's. Part of the Bay of Fundy. The rocks are a glorious red and you can walk the rocky beach and go right up to and inside the caves.

At the Caves again. Looking to the right.

And the Caves again, but this time checking out the little creeks made as the tide comes in on the rocky beach.

I was minding my own cave-sketching business when this family came along and BAM! Got into my sketch. Sigh. Darn tourists.

Tynemouth Creek. The view from the front yard where we drank copious amounts of delicious locally brewed beer (Picaroons Melonhead & Dark and Stormy Night) and sat around a bonfire on my last night in New Brunswick.

The view from the same front yard....but to the left of the above sketch. That there is a covered bridge. Whatever you do.....if you visit New Brunswick and rent a car, for GOODNESS SAKE don't honk in the damn bridge. It annoys the locals and there is NO REASON TO HONK.

That is the short version of my trip. Glorious, glorious, Atlantic Canada, Glorious.

Now for the funny unrelated trip bit. I ordered new business cards before I left. I picked them up at the post office today. 400 new ones, new color and some new images on the back. You know what they DON'T have on them?

My email address. Yup, I really did that.

However, it's not as big a blunder now that I think about it....or at least I am hoping it will turn out to not be a big blunder. I have now had two separate commissions that were long distance transactions. One in Lethbridge, and one in Red Deer. Both times, I have been contacted and have contacted the customers ONLY by email. Nothing went awry, they paid, I sent the painting....all went well. But afterward, I realized I wish I could have at least talked to them. Even just on the phone. It seemed really impersonal somehow. So, maybe the missing email addy on the business cards will foster more phone conversations. I'm hoping it will. All the other info is on there: cell number, website, twitter and facebook. If someone REALLY wants to, they can find my email address and email me. There is no shortage of ways to get a hold of me, but here's hoping it fosters some phone conversations, if not face-to-face meetings. Right?

Honk if you agree. Just not when driving through a covered bridge.