cookies as payment

Ah, studio days. Love them. LOVE. Them. Especially when the creative process flows seamlessly and CBC radio 2 streams glitch free from my mac so I can listen to Tempo and paint...then add a layer of self-leveling gel, and then make breakfast while the layer dries....and then paint some more. I wanted this shot to look like Gershwin was staring up the tree, because   of the rad (well....I think it's rad) perspective of the painting. He's a good poser, if you bribe him with a cookie. Which I did. I am not above bribing my dog with cookies so I can take funny pictures of him. But you gotta does KINDA look like he's staring up the tree....squirreling perhaps.

I've done more to this piece since this shot was taken earlier today. All that is left is one more layer of self leveling gel and then the ink. Again with the ink. There will be so much ink....oh goodness, and then, when completed this painting will be on display at Transcend Garneau for a bit...until the NOA fall event which happens mid-November.

I think tomorrow might be hymnal poppies, and the beginning of another girl in the hymnal dress painting. After artifact drawing....and Gershwin getting a rogue stitch pulled from his nose that was hiding when we went to go and get them pulled a week or so back.

Studio day #1 = complete. Time for beer. And cleaning my bathroom. And filing receipts. See? All glamorous and super interesting all the time. Such is the life of artists.

Ok, not really....but the nice thing is we can MAKE the grass look greener (or longer, or shorter) on our side due to some sort of pigmented implement being handy and well, we just like to tamper with shit and do stuff like that. Yea. And sometimes....some of us might take cookies (or lovely hand knitted sweaters) as payment. Or trade. Maybe. (They had better be DAMN good cookies...and there had better be a lifetime supply of them. Just putting that out there.)