couch surfing

This morning has been way too much fun and very productive. Firstly...I am on a span of 6 days off in a row. Secondly, it's gorgeous out for running in the leaves with my dog. Thirdly...I am sitting on my awesome burnt orange couch, in my quiet living room, watching frantic traffic zoom by and listening to a new album by Lisa Hannigan. (And if you don't know who she NEED to find out! She is lovely, and I danced to her in the studio this morning while I finished my commission.) Fourthly, there have been some VERY humorous interactions on Facebook about it's new format and ongoing privacy issues...blah blah blah #blankstare...and I've found it highly entertaining. There has been much laughing out loud on my couch in the living room as I surf between writing my blog, checking FB and twitter. Oh are good for my insides this day.

So the triptych is finished and thanks to my new site and it's super-fantastic, no hassle picture formatting...posting such a long, narrow canvas onto the site is no longer an exercise in gratuitous swearing at my computer! (Yes...I do that sometimes. It's true. Don't smile smugly....I'm sure you've done it too!) Here it is:

kelly's garden (triptych)

acrylic on canvas, 9" x 36"


If you look closely, you can see the lines that show where the canvases are separate. This is going to be an odd statement, but I really enjoyed this painting because it's been a while since I've JUST painted in acrylic. No mixed media, just paint. I think I got around the excessive green issue pretty well. Of course the color isn't accurate...but that's not the point. The basic shapes are there, the contrast in light and I'm digging the color palette. Happiness is straight up painting (at least today, anyway).

And couch surfing the internet for amusing interactions about FB. Hey, it's a day off. A roaming artist can't be uber productive and on the road ALL the time, right?

#blankstare (ha ha)