crazy people

I got a taste of my own medicine in the mail this week. A bubble envelope was tucked inside the screen door when I got home from the cafe. After letting the dogs out and letting them sniff the mystery package (so they calm down) I opened it up and this is what was inside. DSCF3928

Along with a very lovely note from my friend and fellow artist Michelle Amber Lawrence explaining what this was all about. My habit of creeping friend's facebook profiles for pictures of them to practice my portraiture had been turned around on me! My favorite line in her little note is: "If you think I'm a crazy person, that's fine....I was just very inspired the by the photo."

It takes one to know one.  I never said I was normal, at any time on this blog, or in face-to-face conversations. With anyone. Any assumption you may have made on this subject, either way are entirely your own.

That being said....I'm still creeping friend's facebook profiles. I'm not combing through EVERY photo, but if I see one that jumps out at me and screams "me! me! oh PAINT MEEEEE!" I for sure will. And have. And am working on two more. One friend knows about it, and the other friend doesn't know. Their consolation prize so far is having a their portrait painted and mailed to them. That's a bit cool, right?

DSCF3929   DSCF3930

And then there are commissions and Saturday night dinners with the inlaws, so I had best get at that. I have some pretty stellar friends I must say. Even if most of them are, in fact, crazy people.

But it takes one to know one.