creative hermit-age; Day 1

"good day for a coat" so far felt and acrylic on canvas 14" x 18"

Think back to when you were a kid...or for those of you who don't want to admit you were EVER a child and were born so wise and mature...think to your kids, or kids you know. Ever tried to tell them they need a nap? Oh dear! I remember crying as a kid sometimes when I was told to go for a nap...and now I cry if I can't have one. That being said...when this is posted, lights out for Stina.

But, before that happens, and since about 7:30am I have been working diligently at being a creative hermit. (Thank goodness for espresso machines at home!) Dapper Dan got finished and posted in the gallery, and I'm now working on sea gulls, wool cap and a coat. The layering process is such a tease, because the ideas come faster than the layers dry...but one painting at a time. After the coat one...there are only 5 more canvases. What to do, what to do...

This is painting #5, layer #2. Next he gets gulls with the palette knife and then the wharf gets something and then...runaway train of thought. Seriously. I think nap time might have to wait until I get a bit more done on it after all.

Meanwhile, opportunities are creeeeeeeeping up like dandelions in the front lawn (except, I LIKE dandelions). I shall keep you posted when I have details on, them. Also, a wee interview between me and Emil of "i heart edmonton" will be appearing in the next couple of days. A little about my work, a little about me. He's picked a few pieces to showcase, and I'm not sure what they are...but it's good press and I had fun answering his questions. I'll post the link to the article on the home page of this site when I know the article is up.

I'm freshly armed with new pistachios and the heavy eyelids are mercifully being kept at me and the gulls shall get ourselves sorted out. Check the gallery later today....the painting might be finished!