in whatever field you're in

The Bearded dude works out of town a lot, so we text each a fair bit. Sometimes he works in fairly remote communities around Central Alberta. He knows the secondary highways and back roads of Alberta very well. On our way back from Jasper a few weekends ago, we took the scenic route back into Edmonton, passing a small town called Carvel. There were so many little tidy farms nestled on top or in between the beautiful rolling hills. Like something from a picture book. Little red barns, old tractors, well kept little farm houses, and even some not well kept farmhouses dotted the landscape. The little side roads were so distracting. I wanted to follow them all and see what was at the end. I was impressed with the number of signs directing people to various artisan studios in the area. General stores with locally made gifts, pottery studios, painters. We want to make it our mandate this summer to go on tiny adventures and picnic in these areas. Grab the dogs, and the Coleman stove and pick a quiet day-use area to set up for a few hours, eat, read and enjoy the quiet that eludes us in the city. There are so many lovely places just out of reach of the bustle of Edmonton. It's so easy to forget.

Sometimes when the BD is away, he sends me a photo of where he is if he thinks it's interesting enough for me to look at. The other day he was working in Hardisty and sent me this photo taken from the back door of the hospital there:

I am a sucker for blue sky, open fields, fluffy clouds and of course (and most annoyingly), dandelions. Yep. I love 'em. Have since I was a kid. In fact, I have a dandelion (and the word, just underneath in a type writer style font) on the inside of my right forearm. I loved this photo so much, I decided I needed to paint it.

So that's one of the things I'm working on in the studio today.

My apologies to those of you reading this who hate dandelions or suffer from allergies caused by dandelions. They are just such a happy yellow color and are so pretty when they go to seed. They live in my lawn too, only we don't fuss over them. There's no point. It's just a lawn. Plus, when they flower they attract plenty of bees for Luke to chase around the yard, snapping and getting quite a lot of air jumping for them. Literally, hours of entertainment.

13 more days until I'm on a plane to the east coast. My, that's coming up really fast! I'll be very ready for vacation by then. There is a lot to do between now and Monday June 30th to fill that time. There always is. If it's not painting it's tidying Or bike riding. Or weeding. Or something. How is it June 18th already?

Happy Wednesday, friends. Sip it. Slowly. Savor the lingering daylight.