dearly beloved...

The traffic on the busy street close to my house is working at a dull roar. The furnace is taking a bit of a break due to the false spring we are still enjoying here. The studio work table is cleared off for the moment while the layers of the pieces I have been working on today are curing. We (the dogs and I) are getting ready to head out for some fresh air and a few art supplies. It's a lovely Sunday of low cloud and white light diffused gently into every crevasse of everything. I woke up with nothing to do today but paint and go for a walk with the dogs. My friend Amelia is getting married tomorrow, so I'm finishing up the guest book painting and her wedding present. And her wedding present. She's getting two paintings, but she doesn't know that yet.

a558_winterorspring a559_ameliaanddan

The piece to the left is from a photo (I'm assuming) Amelia or Dan took on a walk last spring or perhaps in the fall. That's why I'm calling it "winter or spring?". The painting to the right is the their guest book painting. Yes, guests at the reception will actually write on the painting. It was their idea, not mine. I just hope people don't get all sheepish about having to graffiti a painting.

Amelia and Dan get married later today. I started writing this post yesterday (Sunday)....and now it's Monday morning and I just put the finishing touches on these two pieces. Time to clean up the studio and have some toast.

I think this might just be the best Monday ever. Onto the my second cup of tea.