did i hear a 'niner' in there somewhere?

Today is the last day of my 9 day Christmas Holiday break. A glorious span of time to read, sleep in, walk dogs, eat, do yoga and not work on anything in particular....but think. A lot. About painting. I did some painting, but I did more thinking about painting. Thinking about what I'm going to work on next. How to make it different. How to make my painting more interesting. I know thinking is not the same as doing....but sometimes you just need to mull these things over before you get out the sketchbook or prep the canvas. I worked on a few portraits and am about to start some winter scapes on birch panel that involve a lot of drawing in pencil. I've a little series in mind of winte-rish activities. Skating. Shinny. Sledding. The weather has gotten a lot warmer here in Edmonton the past couple of days so I've been out with the dogs and takingĀ  lots of photos. The finished pieces (the portraits) I've posted in the gallery section (2012 works) but I still can't load photos onto this blog. I'm sure that will be fixed soon.

Currently there is a bar canvas board lazing on the work table beside me where I'm writing this in front of the window in my studio at home. There is also a large birch panel on the easel to my right. It's one of those moments.....do I flick on the studio lights and begin working on them? Do I post this, grab my tea and head to the couch to snuggle dogs and settle into the next chapter of the book I'm reading?

(I just flicked the lights on and put the painting apron on. Painting wins, for a short while at any rate.)