Distracted by dummies

"all in a row" (layer #3) pretty close to being finished!

It certainly has been a whirlwind of creative activity as of late. A few painting sales, a commission, a new venue to show work at for 2011...and it's not even Friday yet! I'm happy to report that 3 pieces from the "Re:cycled threads" show have already sold...and are being graciously loaned to me so I can still hang them for the show. I keep the availability in the 'gallery' section of this site very current...so as soon as it is sold, the site is updated the same day...so if you see a piece you like and there is still a price underneath it, you are good to go!

"All in a row" is taking a bit longer than expected, due to last minute epiphany of "checkers for dummies" (see the gallery section for that one!). I don't play checkers...because I don't know how. I don't know how to play chess either. I had a friend try and teach me once, and I was starting to understand the moves of the various chess pieces, but then we got interupted by school and homework...and my interest for chess fell to the wayside. I do however love a checkered floor, and I hope one day to have a studio that has one. There is a marvelous checkered floor in the dentistry/ pharmacy building on the U of A campus where I am taking my Alberta Archeology class. I need to go in there with my camera and get some good photos of it. There are lovely old staircases in there too. Sunbeams on a checkered floor...I should do an entire show about that....checkered floors! No no...but a short series would be interesting. Class doesn't happen again until Tuesday. That's it, I'm taking my camera.

Nachos, ginger ale....bicycles. Right! This is "all in a row" layer #3. All that is needed in coloring in of the bicycles, and a signature and this one is finito. I'm really excited to see it finished. The wall is composed of the paper bits you saw, some palette-knifed on color, and several glazes of smalt hue and semi-gloss gel. It's chaotic and looks like old posters have been glued on the wall and then ripped off. It's perfect! I can't wait to post the finished photo!

I have been very sneaky and have posted a few paintings on here in the '2010 works' section, that haven't made it to the blog. And the spell check on this thing keeps saying I've spelled 'interupted' wrong....clearly it needs a kick. Finishing my nachos and then hitting the hay. This is me and my shenanigans signing off!