dog walk thoughts

My iphone is getting on in years and hates the cold. Really, it prefers temps warmer than 12 degrees otherwise it just goes black, so it's no use taking it with me on a winter walk anymore. It would rather hibernate, stupid thing. It lights up imediatwly when it's in they house and plugged in. It's almost a landline. Perhaps in the new year, it's time for a new phone, only I hate getting to know a new gadget, but I do love how fast they are when you flit between apps. I'll talk myself into getting a new one, but not just yet. 

In this warm winter week just before the longest night of the year, our long walks in the woods have been particularly fine. We finally made it to the new foot bridge at the Terwillegar dog park yesterday, and what a site the river was! And me with no camera. Hmph! When I got home, I started drawing the wonderful shapes of the ice near the embankment under the bridge. The colours and the shapes were so delicate.


I had an idea to make a series of drawings and attach the reference photo to the drawing as a sort of journal entry about our walks by the river for the next few days. I'm not sure how many drawings it will amount to.  


Yesterday's walk was overcast and warm, but today's was bright and windy. Everything out of the shadow of trees was flooded in strong, golden december sunshine. It was quite intense.  

kosher salt slowly dissolvng into the yellow wash.

kosher salt slowly dissolvng into the yellow wash.

Because of the sun and a few days of warmer temps, quite a wide channel has opened up on the North Saskatchewan, painting a deep blue stripe in the midst of the pale lace patterns that rest on top of the surface.

i accidentally caught myself in the shot.  

i accidentally caught myself in the shot.  


I only had four shots left in my instax mini. I should have brought along more, but the limitations can make you put more thought into what you want to capture on a particular walk. 


When these drawings are finished, I will add them to my 'works on paper' gallery. 


The BD sent in his application for a job in Halifax last week, and today he learned he has an interview next month, so we head to Halifax for 9 days in January. Holy shit!