don't leave home without them

You got everything? Shoes. Socks. Underpants? I had 2 out of 3 things on this check list before I left the house for the staff Christmas party at the cafe last night. (no socks, because I bought kick ass fishnet tights to go with my adorable party dress!) And car keys. Which was I wasn't driving. What I didn't have?

House keys! Yup....that's them. Right where I left them. On the key rack. By the front door. Safe and sound and locked in my house. Friggin' brilliant. That is how Monday ended and Tuesday began. Thank goodness I have awesome landlords who have spare keys. (Also: getting a spare key avoid locking myself out, and subsequently locking Gershwin in with no snuggles. How awful!)

Here is what I have been up to lately:

Beginning of the chalk board menu wall @ Transcend Garneau. Not finished, but functional for the time being. To be finished (and revamped a little) this Sunday night.

Getting things ready to put in the mail. These are goodies for facebook fans #315 & #320. I LOVE sending mail.

I have yet to start on my postcards...but then, it's only noon-thirty. Plenty of productive working hours left.

And now for some exciting news. I will be interviewed on live radio via phone......all the way from Thunder Bay Ontario on a radio show called "The Road Less Traveled" about my little one-a-day works I did a year or so back. My first radio interview about my work, EVER! And live too! Goodness. There will be a podcast that I will link to this look for that middle of next week sometime. What a year of creative leaps, new friends, and tons of new adventures! I am looking forward to a 10 day break of eating and various Christmas festivities! Phew. And then? See ya 2011...

...bring on 2012 and all IT'S creative possibilities!