Double-sided Sunday

"little house in Moncton, NB" (front of postcard) ink & watercolor on paper "seagull" (back of postcard) same media as front....and still on paper

I'm happy to report that my onion is still growing happily in the open cupboard in the kitchen above the sink...despite the many grey days that have been happening as of late. But I'm wondering looks so happy and it going to bloom? What should I feed it? What the heck do onions eat anyway? Small children? I don't want to throw it looks so cool.

Today's postcard was a memory postcard, well the front of it anyway. A picture of a house I stayed at during a visit to Moncton NB. A cute little of those army types, with a great upstairs with two rooms and big windows to let the sun in. I got to paint in one of those cool little rooms....the ceilings were vaulted to make use of the tiny the walls on the front and back of the room were quite short. I read that Emily Carr had a studio at one point like that...and she painted an eagle on the vaulted ceiling, and slept in there sometimes. I believe it was a west coast style the Haida and Tlingit carve. I would have to double check that.

Since Moncton is not too far from the Atlantic ocean...I thought a seagull would be appropriate for the back of the postcard, and I really like how the post marks show through. So much fun painting these little things. I'm thinking in the summer during artwalk I might sell them in sets of 5....the people could either send them or hang them in their house. There are lots of ways to enjoy these little works. It's all there is time for today...but now I get to go and play with pencils and work the more logical side of my brain...that side needs a little work.

I started the wolf drawing again last nite...and they really look like wolves this time! Hooray! Now for tackling the drawing of an arrowhead made of petrified wood...this could take a while!