Down the drain

"ring in drain" or "things that may or may not live in my drain, where my engagement ring had a very brief adventure" ink & soft pencil crayon & charcoal on paper

Yesterday I dropped my engagement ring down the drain of our pedestal sink in the bathroom.

Yes, I did.

I realized instantly, because I saw it descend in a sickening-slow-motion-type way, where my brain seemed to be having tea and paused a bit too long to tell my hands to grab for it. Instead, my brain sent the message immediately to my mouth...where all I could manage was a very loud inhalation followed by a very audible gasp...and wide eyes. There wasn't even any swearing. But it's ok, the plumber came, and got it...and it's now being housed on my dresser when it's NOT on my finger. Jeepers. No more storage on the little shelf ABOVE the sink in the bathroom. Bad Justina, bad!

Then while driving to work I thought: "Hey, now I have a subject and an idea for an interesting sketch for my blog!"

I'm a dork, I know....but I never told you I was cool, now did I?

So I got imagining what kinds of things would live in my bathroom drain. This is the second drawing...the first one had a tiny mermaid trying the ring on, but I like the fish better, so that is what I posted. I did actually start a little painting yesterday morning, that I intended to finish last nite and post that instead...but the ring incident seemed to trump that, and I haven't finished the painting yet. But it's coming, and I'll show you when I'm finished.