Dreaming, scheming, gardening....and some fruit

"old timer" (almost done!) acrylic on canvas 20" x 24"

It's a lovely cool summer afternoon on my day off. That's right...I now have TWO days off a week. Holy crap! Days to spend plotting and scheming in the studio...and days to putter in the garden. I'm so thankful right now...and trying very hard not to fill the days off with stuff so that they don't feel like days off. I'm keeping the to do lists short. Today I ordered grid wall so I can hang my work during art walk. I feel so grown up and professional now ordering that. I will still bring easels for display too, but now I'll have walls on which to hang things...portable walls. Neat!

Believe it or not I had a hard time deciding what to paint. I'm digging the old truck theme AND the bird theme simultaneously...and then there are the building abstracts of Edmonton that I want to do. Now I just need to spend an afternoon capturing the cool nooks and crannies on Eddy's busy streets that I want to put on canvas. There is always something to work on. I'll save that for another day though. It's getting late and I do want to get in the garden a bit...and then there is my summer reading pile to work through...and a pot of tea calling my name...

So the photo for this painting I didn't take. It was taken by a friend of a friend who lives in Nashville. We are friends because his name is Justin...so I added him on Facebook for that sole reason. He's a fabulous photographer, loves God and occasionally comments on my work and status updates that I post on FB. I have never met him in person....but I hope to one day. I asked him for his permission to paint this photo he took, and he said yes. I'm pretty excited about the painting. The perspective is my favorite. The truck is stationary but there is still the feeling of motion in the painting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

In other news....a dream I've had since a kid is coming true! I get to visit the North West Territories at the end of June! I'm so excited and have wanted to go there for so long. It's nice to have connections and couches to crash on. Oh the things to paint....oh the road trip...oh the new work that will come of it!

And now...to wash my brushes and get to the garden. Happy Thursday!