I'm taking slow, deliberate sips of this day. It's pouring out. I love it. I slept in a little bit, read in bed a little bit, wrote in my journal while I had coffee at the Garneau cafe and now I'm wrapping up my time in the studio and heading out to the Millcreek Ravine for a lovely rainy walk with the dogs. I just love this day.





My three Jasper pieces are coming along nicely. I've been having fun carving some of the details into the paint.


Luke (the black one) is sprawled out on our bed. For once he hasn't pulled back the blanket to make a cozy nest for himself. Gershwin is perched on the guest bed in the Bearded Dude's office. It's his favorite spot.



Today is such a welcome contrast from yesterday's bustle. It felt like all I did was go from one destination to another. I did have a lovely walk by the river while I took photos and talked about details of an upcoming commission. I've never explored the neighborhood of Riverbend where the houses slid down the embankment years ago. What a beautiful spot! In all of yesterday's go-go-go I did manage to remember to stop and snap some photos of the rad Gateway Motel sign I pass everyday to and from the cafe. This will for sure appear on two canvases, one little and one big. I love this sign, and have been eying it for ages.


I think it's official....I've changed the theme of the things I want to paint for Art Walk. I struggled with it a bit, but I'd rather paint things I'm really stoked about in the moment, than force myself to paint something else.

Happy Sunday.