dry cucumber soda & gin

Life is a hodge podge of things that shouldn't go together, but do. Blue denim and green camo. Curly hair and straight bangs. Salty things and sweet things. Bacon with....anything. Dog hair and every item of clothing I own. Argyle socks and striped shirts. Heavy boots and dresses. Laughter and tears. Long spans of time between visits and conversations that picked up right where you left off. Solitude and laughter. Dry cucumber soda and gin.

Another weekend of lofty goals with few of them met. Oh well. Really, they are just place markers for me so that I don't forget tasks and feel like I'm accomplishing something. I checked out a new cafe/eatery here in Edmonton called 'Little Brick'. It's down in a gorgeous part of Edmonton that I find tricky to get to, and once I get in, have a hell of a time finding my way out of again. The neighborhood I mean, not 'Little Brick'. I am nearly finished one of the Roxy commissions, and got a good start on the second. There is still time to finish both of them today, I'm not ruling that goal as unmet just yet (but rhyming the whole time, turning thoughts on a dime!). I did finish the large painting of yellow tulips though! I'll be hanging that in the cafe tomorrow morning, along with the smaller, darker blue Roxy painting. It was fun painting those tulips. I might have to paint another version of them.

On Friday, a gentleman came into the cafe and ordered a coffee and a dry cucumber soda. He said he needed to try it, as he had never heard of cucumber flavored soda. As I handed it to him, I told him it paired really well with gin. He laughed and took it, but got this look on his face like he was stuck on that combination. I bet he was still thinking about it later that day. I hope he did pair it with gin. And if he did, I wonder what gin he used?