dwindling days

Hi there. No, I'm not dead. It's just summer. There are many things going on. I got back from England, had one day of jet lag recovery (which I didn't really need because I suffered no jet lag), then I worked 2 days at the cafe and then Whyte Ave Artwalk happened. Busiest most successful Artwalk ever! So much so that I had to make the tough decision of not participating as a vendor in this year's Artswells Festival because too much sold at Artwalk and I wouldn't have had enough for my show at the Stone's Throw Cafe in Blairmore which was to happen right after Artswells. Too many rad things too close together. Oh well. Next year I will be better prepared and hoard more paintings so I can go to all the things. Besides, I get to attend to other lovely festivals as a patron, so why cry about it and be ungrateful, right?

My trip to England; I haven't really talked too extensively about it to anyone or shown anyone all of my pictures yet. I'm not not sharing on purpose. It usually takes me a bit to process a trip and begin painting it. Currently I'm working on 3 new pieces for the Stone's Throw Cafe show that I need to deliver to Blairmore at the end of this month. Then I get to work on paintings from my trip. One whole month to think on it and paint it and write little stories about it. That means another stint of silence on here I'm sure. But then, we are all in the thick of summer; visits, outings, goings-ons. The little calendar on my make desktop says it's the 25th of July and I am having a hard time swallowing that fact. This weekend I do nothing but paint and hang out at the Interstellar Rodeo here in Edmonton (festival #1 of the season I get to be a patron at) so that will be nice.

I've also been having fun posting pictures from the studio on my instagram account (justlitleart) which you can still follow if you don't have instagram. I have the feed hooked up to my facebook fanpage.

The breeze is cooling off the day, so I'm heading out for a run but before I do, I'll share a few images with you from my trip to England. These may or may not end up being paintings for my fall show. I have no idea, but I have been thinking a lot about this show lately and how to paint my trip. London will be interesting to paint. It was one of two things for me; 1. a wall of sound and color and smells that constantly assaulted you with it's very......London-ness. I don't mean that in a bad way. London is like a really long run on sentence. Pastpresentfuturepastlatertomorrowtextingwalkingmindingthegap kind of run on sentence. There was always noise. And people. And mostly wearing dark, somber, professional looking clothing.


The countryside however was very quiet, spacious and slow. I wandered through woods and paths in tall grass and was not bitten by anything. No bug bites after spending a week in the countryside. You know how many I got around the fire pit the other night? Well, let's just say my legs look like I may have suffered from an adult case of chicken pox. Sigh.


This is Frome. The view that I saw everyday I walked downtown from the cottage I was staying in.

I took so many photos of gardens and buildings. Graffiti. I have my work cut out for me, but I'm really excited about this show. I'm excited to dig deep and hunker down and get to work. I'd love to share more photos with you right now...but it's time to add the next layer to the pieces that have dried, and lace up my runners and get out the door.

Make the most of the long days. The morning sun is already sleeping in a bit more each day. Summer is such a short season and I'm cramming as much in as I can (as I'm sure you are too). Let's just not burn ourselves out and leave no time for lawn chairs and reading.