Earthy, turpine, salty, rubbery, carmelized and other terms that refer to coffee...

"Paradise Canyon II, Lethbridge AB" (not quite finished)

If you have ever painted on canvas...and depending on HOW you paint...there can be this wonderful, rhythmic thrumming the canvas makes as the brush hits it. Kind of like a soft drum. It's a very relaxing sound, if you can hear it. And again, depending on how you paint, you may or may not experience this. It's like coffee or wine tasting. When you drink either of those things more (and plain!) pick up on things, subtle things, like the feel in your mouth and on your tongue...where the flavor hits your tongue...and distinct flavors that you may not have notice, or may not have been able to identify before. This is the simple joy that comes from doing your favorite things often...and learning more about them.

I have lots of favorites...almost too many to count. But my main OCCUPATIONAL favorites are painting and making coffee. But not just ANY painting or making ANY coffee...I like to think that I do both in a unique and extraordinary fashion...and that I get better the harder I work at both things. That being said, I have been spending my evenings as of late, training at Transcend Coffee for their new location opening in the old Garneau Theater...and I'm so totally stoked. I'm learning lots of new things about how to make coffee...tasting coffee...and soon to be creating latte art! (Simple things I know...but I get excited by simple stuff!) I'm hoping one point to display some of my work at the new and possibly old some point in the near future.

This has nothing to do with today's painting...this is just what I have been up to, and why I have been neglectful of my blog. I'm sorry. This painting is for the show going up in Hub Mall at the U of A. It goes up not this Friday, but that would be the 26th. It's not done yet (not you can see in the bottom right hand corner!) but it's pretty darned close. I've said it lots on here...but this really makes me nostalgic for Lethbridge. Such an amazing landscape...and to think some lucky residents down there get to see this view out their kitchen or living room window....EVERY DAY! And for those that don't....well...this is what it's like!

On a side note, Gallery IS in Red Deer is putting on a group show of some of their favorite artists in April...and I will have a piece in the show. The piece that is going in is the only piece left from the Haida Gwaii show, "Tow Hill Road". Hooray Red Deer! See you tomorrow.